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Being Well Dressed Is Important For Small Business Staff

An individual gets just one chance to make a first impression.

So too, do small businesses need to project a professional image.

For a small business leader, having a professional personal appearance is doubly important.

Some companies have dress codes but many smaller enterprises may not publish a formalized list.

One entrepreneur, Tony Ellison, CEO of Shoplet offers this advice: “We trust our employees to make the judgment calls as to whether their attire is appropriate to our company culture. After all, how you are a reflection of how you want people to see you in the workplace,”

But being on the cutting edge of fashion may not be one of them.

Ellison, took a survey in the office and employees and decided: “A shorts suit is most likely too edgy for an office environment; but if it is an appropriate length and cut it would be acceptable.”

Some of the fashion trends and advice for 2013 as identified by Ellison include:

  • Keeping up with fashion trends keeps a professional looking their best; and that is a plus in any business.
  • The fashion forecast for 2013 predicts plenty of white, stripes, sheer, and peek-a-boo.
  • As with colors and patterns every season: whites and stripes are easy to work into a business casual office wardrobe.
  • Sheer and peek-a-boo, are best saved for the weekend. Showing too much skin, doesn’t work in the office no matter what’s on the runway.
  • The shorts suit made it to several runways and purports to be office appropriate. However, you should only go for this look if the shorts are longer or your office is more lenient.
  • Accessories are one of the best and easiest ways to update your office wardrobe. Bold and fun jewelry can quickly be worked into a previously simple outfit.
  • Considering its winter, express your fashion sense through outerwear! There are endless coats and scarves and hats and gloves to choose from and you do not wear these inside the office, so mix and match without worry.

One other piece of advice from Ellison:  Remember a nice suit, dress, or blouse is always fashionable in the workplace, because it is professional.  You know what’s always in fashion: looking and feeling your best.”

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