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New Book Could Be Recipe for Happiness in Culinary Business

The difference between having a job and having a career is that the former feels like, well, work. The latter, however, is something that a person can truly enjoy and sees as doing for a lifetime.

In her new book, Love What You Do: Building a Career in the Culinary Industry, Dorothy Cann Hamilton provides readers with common-sense tips to help them pursue their passion – and make a living doing so.

Since most people spend a majority of the hours in their day working, it seems only right that they should work in an environment that makes them happy.

“If you’re not doing something you love, life will be drudgery. You’ll be living to retire – to be finished,” she explains. “Isn’t that awful? Going through life hoping to finish? If you’re passionate about what you do, you don’t realize you’re working.”

After 30 years as an educator, Hamilton believes she has some practical advice to offer about choosing a career. She is founder of the 25-year-old French Culinary Institute, as well as the Italian Culinary Academy, both based in New York City.

In addition to numerous awards, the creator and host of Chef’s Story on PBS was inducted into the Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America by the James Beard Foundation. She also received the Silver Spoon Award from Food Arts Magazine, which recognized her as a leader in the American restaurant community.

Love What You Do helps readers determine whether the culinary field is right for them, and identifies the right educational path to take and resources to use to land their ideal job. The book also offers sage advice for those looking for a midlife career change.

“Making career changes and evaluating your career options is especially useful in today’s economy,” Hamilton says. “With all the complexities that the tough economic climate has created, perhaps one positive change is a second chance for many, an opportunity to leave a thankless, unsatisfying career behind and realign oneself with the job of your dreams.”

Although it may sound strange, Hamilton says that getting laid off or losing a job can be the best thing that happens to you.

“Life happens to us sometimes, and we have to make a sea change,” she says. “Instead of jumping to the next job, take a deep breath and sit yourself down. Am I happy? Am I fulfilled? What are the steps I can take to sort out what I should be doing?”

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