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“The Office” Is Gone; So Are Many Workplace Practices

As the iconic workplace comedy “The Office” closes its doors for good it is important to look at the evolution of the workplace and how it’s morphed with Dunder Mifflin.

The show’s closing is not only farewell to the ‘Dunder Mifflinites,’ it’s goodbye to 9-to-5 work days, permanently planted desk-tops and bosses looking over your shoulders.

Today’s workforce is mobile, global and tech-savvy – and employers are searching for ways to meet the needs of this diverse workforce.    

As Dunder Mifflin turns on it’s out of office sig, Sande Golgart, Regional Vice President of Regus explores the evolution of office dynamics…and the dos and don’ts of corporate culture – beyond how to hide coworkers’ office supplies in Jell-O.   

  1. The Flexible Force: The Gabe’s, Erin’s and next generation of employees, have made flexible working more mainstream, and 77% of U.S. businesses agreed in a Regus survey. Younger workers have been exposed to world of flexible work options – from cool co-working spots and alternative-office spaces (if you’re in Berlin you can even work from a Shell gas station!) to increased business travel and flexible hours – therefore they are demanding better ways to work. Seventy-five percent of U.S. workers say productivity is enhanced when flexibility is an option. No more stressed out, strapped to your desk Angela’s. Empower your employees to work flexibly.
  2. Co-work, the new network: Did you know the vast majority of U.S. workers (75%) think water-cooler conversations are best for establishing friendships (hello, Jim and Pam)? And 32% claim it’s a lead to new business prospects. Might make you think twice the next time you plan to prank your cube-mate…Dwight. Encourage employees to exchange ideas during the day or simply host an afternoon ‘happy hour’ in a common area to get conversations flowing.
  3. Don’t be the Jerk in Charge!: The top-down, dysfunctional, corporate culture at Dunder Mifflin is clearly a point of contention. Today’s bosses must recognize the nuisances of this era’s diverse workforce – understand that hard-work is more than staff arriving early and leaving late (79% of workers think this), and that the being micromanaged, and tied to your desk inhibits creativity and ultimately productivity. At Regus, our managers set goals – not timeframes – and good work, fresh thinking is encouraged and rewarded!
  4. The Unrelenting Entrepreneur: While Dunder Mifflin bought out The Michael Scott Paper Company and Jim has (for now) left Athlead, those chained to their desks are beginning to consider starting up their own companies – and aren’t regretting it. In fact according to a recent Regus survey, 83% of U.S. entrepreneurs say if they could choose again, they would still become an entrepreneur. But don’t start your business out of a condo or closet like Michael – instead consider alternatives like a virtual office for a premiere address at an affordable price. Regus Businessworld cards also come in handy for those entrepreneurs who need a professional environment for a quick meeting, internet and coffee break – from Scranton to Scotland.

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