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Making Your Job-Hunting Easier, More Efficient, Shorter

As the U.S. economy slowly continues its recovery, millions of Americans continue to look for jobs.

But the time it takes to secure a new position can be a job in itself.  Here is how to make it easier.

Satellite Star Internet, an authorized dealer for satellite Internet with HughesNet, offers the following four tips to help candidates simplify the process of online job searching:

Use a comprehensive job-searching site.  That is one of the best ways that job seekers can refine their search. The best sites, according to Satellite Star Internet, allow users to pinpoint specific jobs based on location, experience and salary.

“This helps speed up the job hunt, while weeding out irrelevant positions,” say officials at the satellite service.

Satellite Star recommends SimplyHired and Indeed as go-to search sites, which pull job postings from across the web and group them in a central location.

Focus on your area of expertise. Doing that instead of launching a global online job search will streamline the search process. Every category of workers – from civil servants to financial analysts – have associations or organizations dedicated to their field. By signing onto these sites, job seekers can be notified when top job listings are posted.

Put your best foot forward with a stellar resume.  Potential job applicants should consider enlisting the services of a resume-revamping service, which could cost anywhere from $50 to $400.

“They take a job-seeker’s resume and update the format, content and overall layout,” the company says. “Having an outstanding resume is a great way to stand out against the competition. …The price is often worth it.”

Use a high-speed Internet connection to conduct your search. “Job searching can be a full-time job," and the higher speed will make the process more efficient, Satellite Star Internet says.

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