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New Service Generates First Page Search Results, With Money Back Guarantee

While there has been much talk about local advertising as the key to generating leads and sales for small businesses, spending time and money on building a better search engine program may be a better answer.

But Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an arcane art, there are many small, but effective actions smaller enterprises can do to improve their page rankings. 

Many small business leaders report they are tired of seeing competitors on the first page of a Google search for a product or service they could provide the searcher.

Many have been burned by SEO service providers that promised first page placement and failed.

Equally as worrisome, many are put off by an overseas voice on the phone talking about “link farms” and “Website Optimization.”

A new company, Youinweb, has teamed with a group of Silicon Valley geeks to offer a solution. 

What’s more, they have developed a marketing program that takes the risk out of trying their service.

According to Robert Heyman, their marketing leader, they are offering a money back guarantee if the service, which involves putting a code on the company’s first website page, fails to meet their promise.

Heyman asks potential clients a simple question: “Would you gamble $197 in a three month subscription to a new, tested and unique application developed by a group of Silicon Valley geeks?”

“Because we think those Silicon Valley guys have found a way to drive your website to a first or second page ranking and keep it there,” he says.

What’s more if you are not satisfied at the end of three months, he’ll give you your money back. (Minus the $25 installation fee)

When asked “Why three months?”

Heyman’s reply points out that “Even though we expect to generate positive results almost immediately, we know that the measurement of true success comes over time with more visitors; more leads; greater customer conversion; and higher sales.”

Heyman says the application works if the  company is focused on selling a product or service locally or around the nation.

To learn more, click here.

Heyman also says that he expects users to tell him if their not satisfied with his product’s effectiveness.

“I only ask one thing if we are successful, tell your business associates about us,” he added.

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