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Want a Mediocre 2013? Think Small!

With New Year, many small business managers may whisper "good riddance" to 2012.

For those whose past year can be counted in the "Yuck!" category, motivational speaker and author, Shawn Anderson, shares a tongue-and-cheek message to guarantee that this year's limited success will continue in the new year.

1. Set less than spectacular goals: "Set your sights low. Who needs goals?" Anderson says tongue-and-cheek. "If you or your organization's imagination is dull for what you want in can you expect to have an amazing year? Or, instead, we could 'go bold' in setting our goals, and create an exciting year."

2. Be afraid of taking risks: "Want more of the same limited success this year? Don't risk anything. Just keep walking the exact same status-quo road." Anderson continues, "My philosophy is much different, however. We get one life, so why not take a few big risks and give it a chance to be amazing?"

3. Act like a victim: Anderson says, "It's gotta' be somebody else's fault your organization is not where you want it to be...right? Blame them." Anderson adds, "Or an alternative option is to quit pointing fingers and, instead, set our sights on doing three things every day to expand our opportunities."

4. Give up: "If you're too broke, too inexperienced or too old to start over, then just quit and turn on the TV at night." Anderson continues, "Or we could get over past failures and take the most productive action we've ever taken in making 2013 our best year ever."

According to Anderson, the founder of Extra Mile Day which was recognized on November 1, 2012 by 362 U.S. cities, the biggest obstacle in creating more personal and professional success is simply ourselves.

 "If we don't change our expectations and our actions, we can't expect our results to change either," Anderson finishes.

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