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Strategies Offered For Starting A Small Business With Less Than $10,000

In starting a business, many new entrepreneurs fail to recognize that the most important way to ensure their venture’s success is to begin with a solid business plan.

An Irvine, Calif., company, founded on the principle of bringing “entrepreneurship to everyone” has put a new e-book option on its Web site that helps users write a comprehensive business plan. Written by Upstart Business Consulting Group, the books help individuals start a profitable company with an initial capital requirement of $10,000 or less.

“New entrepreneurs may not have the necessary knowledge or experience that is required when developing a business plan,” says Tim Roncevich, company co-founder and business-plan writer. “We saw an opportunity to help other entrepreneurs start a small business. After all, small businesses are the foundation of the American economy.”

Upstart Business Consulting Group has written business plans for such industries as arts and crafts, education and instruction, real estate, security, and travel and recreation.

Business plans continue to be vital to all ventures, not only as a necessity to obtain financing, but also as a road map for future courses of action, says company officials. If an entrepreneur did not write a business plan, it’s more likely that business will fail in the first year.

Along with selling business-plan books, Upstart also offers customers free business templates, a service that allows users to e-mail questions to professional consultants and other entrepreneurs, and a free newsletter that includes financial, legal and marketing tips.

Steven Primm, a certified public accountant and Upstart co-founder, says most small-business consultants and lenders consider the financial projections of a business plan the most important section when determining whether a business is viable.

Instead of spending hundreds of hours developing and researching a business idea, Primm says, the electronic business-plan books can help users determine more quickly what, if any, venture they want to pursue.

As entrepreneurship continues to gain in popularity Upstart’s comprehensive business plans can help bridge the gap between the entrepreneur’s initial idea and actual start-up, according to the company. 

“It does not matter if an entrepreneur is a recent college graduate, an employee trying to make ends meet and save for retirement, a burned-out midlevel manager trying to climb the corporate ladder, or a retiring baby boomer,” Upstart officials say, “there is no better time than now to become an entrepreneur.”

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