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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Offers Reliability, Security for Small Businesses

As work-force communications evolve into a more diverse mixture of applications, the challenge for business leaders is to manage the process efficiently.

With adoption of multiple and diverse receiver platforms from iPhones, iPads and other devices, the process has become even more complicated.  Adding to this challenge is the need to protect the data being communicated.

One newly popular approach is “virtual desktop infrastructure” (VDI), also known as “virtual desktop interface,” which, simply put, allows PCs or mobile devices to function for their users while all of the programs, applications, processes and data are kept on the server and run centrally, even off-site.

Such a “virtualization-aware” platform gives companies secure ways of delivering desktop environments, applications and data to staff both in the office and in the field.
Small to medium-size businesses are always looking for continuity, but the methods being offered to them aren’t cheap and are often too diverse for IT staffers to keep up with. VDI can help companies control their IT environments more effiently and effectively by using a single framework.

Also with VDI, especially that which is offered by companies such as Breakthrough Technology Group (BTG), businesses get a better grasp on the security issues they face, through a more affordable and easy-to-understand platform.

Using VDI to ease the process, BTG has developed tools that will manage security within such a single framework.

Product offerings from BTG and others utilize support features, including automated restart of applications following server issues.

The VDI is scalable, so companies can set the automation features to fit their need, whether it’s per application or for a laundry list of applications.

With the cost-saving features in VDI, the solution has become attractive, especially to the small and medium-size businesses that have felt the pinch in the past few years, as the economy struggles to improve.

In order to save money and increase efficiency, IT staffers have had to improve on flexibility, and virtual desktop infrastructure is assisting them in that effort.

At the same time, VDI addresses reliability issues that have taken center stage with many companies. Regardless of the size of their operations, they want and expect their platforms to be stable every hour of the day. This is essential for those who need to access critical elements while out of the office, whether on a sales call, interacting with potential partners or completing a program.

Experts recommend that the VDI solutions being examined be able to perform at a high level. The capacity of utilization servers needs to be reliable and capable of upgrading and improving. Companies such as BTG have the technology that provides better insight while optimizing the level of performance. Being able to benchmark and monitor servers to make sure they’re running smoothly is all part of the VDI approach to that process.

VDI solutions do not replace the IT team, but help it identify the return on investment after the company deploys the platform. VDI from companies such as BTG has proved reliable, secure and easy to implement and manage.

An added bonus of VDI is that it can enhance security efforts through reducing the server count, which will greatly improve the ability to ward off security breaches or attempted breaches.

VDI helps companies that are making great efforts to secure the sensitive data that are the backbone of their operations, while still supporting mobile and other remote workers.

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