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As Business Hurtles Faster Into the Future, Small Business Leaders Need To Adjust.

In this day and age in business, technological innovations are faster, product-development cycles are shorter and expectations are higher. In short, the velocity of business, driven by technological change is increasing exponentially.

 This increased velocity demands new leadership skills - skills that are very different from the ones that were effective 20 years ago. Learning new, high-velocity leadership skills is absolutely essential for any leader who plans to stay relevant from now on. 

 In a new guide to helping leaders effectively steer their organizations through wrenching infrastructure and social changes, The Velocity Manifesto by Scott Klososky details the actions that leaders must take to keep their digital plumbing – the all-important technological infrastructure of their organizations – up-to-date.

 Each of The Velocity Manifesto's three sections focuses on an important challenge:

 Leveraging technology - a compendium of processes, ideas, and concepts that leaders need to know in order to leverage technology as a tool within an organization.

Investing in the future - a process and explanation to help leaders learn how to look into the future more accurately. A clear future vision allows leaders to made the  appropriate investments in the future so that their organizations can be relevant when they get there.

Creating forward-leaning cultures - ways that organizational cultures are changing, and how leaders can put practices in place to create cultures that move forward with velocity.

 "I wrote The Velocity Manifesto,” Klososky says, “because I wanted leaders to know how to stay relevant.  I see lots of leadership speakers talking about basic skills, when the reality is there is a whole new skill set required in order to lead well in a technology-augmented world.  This book is for the leaders that want to do more than just survive for a few more years – they want to prosper.”

 Throughout The Velocity Manifesto readers will learn:

 That the survival of their organization depends on continuously adapting and integrating appropriate new technologies, from robust IT systems to social technologies.

  • A planning strategy that will enable leaders to stay ahead of burgeoning technological trends – especially those that will significantly affect their organizations.
  • An in-depth, actionable program for work force integration.
  • Essential educational tools for building technology bridges across generations to maximize performance, loyalty and satisfaction.

 “The Velocity Manifesto,” Klososky adds, “will help leaders to earn respect for both their accurate vision of the future state [of] their industries, and the most efficient ways to apply technology tools to prosper when they get there.  This is the very essence of leadership – to set the correct direction and lead the assembly of the tools to get there. Anything less is not leading.”

 For more information, visit or (Klososky's blog).

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