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Public Video Screens Offer Opportunities for Small Businesses

The four millionth video screen in a public place will be installed in 2012.

Already, these screens are seemingly everywhere – in checkout counters, on billboards and in airports.

They are also moving at a rapid pace into commercial sales spaces.

This year will mark the coming of age of a medium that has important implications for small business leaders.

As an outgrowth of converging technologies, large and small companies need to understand the implications of this emerging medium.

For small firms, it is an advertising and education medium that will eventually add sales dollars if properly approached.

After all, the screens offer placement, traffic flow and potential ad dollars.

Using new technology, these screens are interfacing with mobile devices and creating on-the-spot advertising to potential patrons who pass the door.

Often called the converging consumer, this target audience thrives on content that is still king.

Several trends in this industry should be watched closely,  particularly by small companies:

  1. Look for the bundling of technology, content and audience measurement with new partnerships that drive the new networks in the marketplace.
  2. Look for major corporations to continue to push into the marketplace with significant investment and more rollouts based on medium-size businesses’ investing in their business.
  3. Mobile is big. This trend was the No. 1 trend last year and will continue well into the future. The integration of mobile applications and tablets is huge. The good news is digital signage is a key activator for mobile engagement in the marketplace.
  4. Look for a shift in the way in which content and brands interact with agencies to tackle this new digital world that we are coming to grips with and how we create the media to support the digital landscape.
  5. Look for higher returns and growth in the ad spend from brands on this “digital out-of-home” (DOOH) signage in 2012.

Small businesses will become important players in this sector.

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