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5 Strategies for Using Twitter to Boost Sales

According to Simply Measured, 97 percent of brands use Twitter.

There are good reasons for small businesses to use Twitter.

However, there are strategie available to make the task easier and more effective.

This stat clearly illustrates the importance companies place on Twitter for their marketing efforts. It’s also a good reminder on how all businesses—regardless of size—can benefit from it.

“Twitter will go down in history as one of the most powerful branding tools,” said Guy Kawasaki, former chief evangelist for Apple and co-founder of “Right now, it’s second to only Facebook–and many people may consider it better than Facebook.”

Having a Twitter strategy in place goes a long way in its overall success. Here are five tips by Appointment Plus ( to help boost sales through a Twitter page:

  1. Build a targeted base of followers: Individuals interested in the business are the ones most likely to purchase from the company. Encourage customers and prospects to follow a Twitter account by placing a follow button or link on the Web site, marketing materials and other social media sites. Become a follower of other’s Twitter pages to expand the reach of prospective customers. Look for businesses that are local or within the same industry.
  2. Tweet discounts: Mobile coupons—like those promoted in a tweet—get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons, according to Borrell Associates. Twitter is free advertising that can really boost sales! And it’s the reason why a good percentage of customers are following the company. Get Satisfaction and Column Five Media state that 43.5 percent of Twitter users follow a brand for special offers and deals.
  3. Tweet regularly: The most successful Twitter pages are the most active ones. Customers and prospects become followers of a Twitter page to be informed. Inactivity can create disinterest and may make them less likely to remain engaged with the business. Commit to tweeting at least a few times weekly, if not more often.
  4. Respond to comments: Don’t let questions or comments go unanswered. Responding in a timely manner shows that the company cares about followers’ feedback and concerns. It also shows that there’s a real person addressing their needs, which adds an appreciated personal touch to a social media program. And that can translate into sales!
  5. Use photos: Compliment tweets with photos of the products or services being promoted. Like traditional print advertising, people are more likely to respond to a discount if they see an image. This also creates a photo library where prospects can instantly view products or services.

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