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7 Ways to Blow a Customer's Mind on a Budget

This rapid-fire technological world will still never supersede exceptional customer service. Technology allows businesses to answer questions faster, put out fires quicker, engage their customers and potential fans in real time but none of that will “blow their mind.”

Viral discounts and coupons are great for driving traffic and increasing revenue, but still, not a mind blower. This has become status quo, this is what’s now expected; all the more reason to get back to incorporating that offline mind-blowing experience (without breaking the bank).

Coach Jenn Lee ( introduces 7 creative ways to blow customers' minds on a budget:

Celebrate a customer’s birthday in a new way. No emails, no texting, no social media ecards – those aren’t mind-blowing. Instead pick up the phone and SING happy birthday! Send a YouTube video from the entire office! Create a fun Instagram video and share it!

Pitch on their behalf. If you see a story, query or a way to piggy-back off something in the media that would help a client out, go ahead and pitch them (without letting them know)! This goes for referrals as well.

Create something little and inexpensive but with a BIG IMPACT: Kimpton Hotels does a great job with this. Check out this email they send before their guest arrives:

“We want you to feel as comfortable and as home as possible, so I invite you to send us one picture, and we will have it framed and waiting in your room. Please send the photo as an attachment to: conciergeLA(at)hotelpalomar(dot)com at least one day prior to your arrival. Remember, this is YOUR picture, so it could be one of a loved one, a favorite place, a favorite item, a pet, or if you are feeling like a star, a picture of yourself!”

For new clients, send them a relevant book. For example, send new clients the Dr. Seuss book, Oh the Places You’ll Go and sign it with a fun and sincere message on the inside. And guess what, they’ll keep it on their bookshelf for years!

Pick up the phone to start anew. For those client relationships that didn’t end so well, give it some time then pick up the phone to see how they are doing. Don’t sell, don’t apologize, just be the one who re-initiates the relationship on a better foot.

If a customer sends a referral, send them a thank-you gift in the mail. Don’t pick up the phone, don’t send them an email – without any recognition, just surprise them with a thank-you gift in the mail. An example would be sending two movie tickets that read, “Thanks for the referral, date night is on me!” Get ready for a life-long chain of referrals after that date night!

Pick up the phone and ask them if there is something that can be done for them today. Coach Jenn says, “Don’t sell, don’t vaguely ask how they are, instead specifically ask them what the company or someone in the company can do for them today – then go do it (unless it requires something of illegal activity of course)!”

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