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Cloud Offerings Aid Small Business Efforts

Speed and agility are key advantages leveraged by small businesses to compete against their larger competitors.

Agility is “mission critical” in a competitive tech industry where speed kills.

Especially when technology and the big data ecosystem are expanding at a pace that is difficult to comprehend.

Where implementing and validating applications can become a major expense for larger businesses as they begin to add up the overhead and operational costs involved with deploying even the most basic projects, there are ways for small businesses to run lean and therefore, be able to implement faster.

According to Mitch Wainer, CMO of DigitalOcean, one way is through today’s cloud computing solutions empower small businesses to avoid huge up-front investments that would typically be incurred by larger businesses. No longer do businesses have to build out massive infrastructure that costs thousands of dollars to support their big data applications.

 Wainer says the good news is that several cloud hosting providers offer hourly billing, which enables data scientists and small businesses to quickly create, test, destroy, and re-create servers while only absorbing a minimal expense.

For example, you can deploy an on-demand cloud server, some are billed as low as $0.01 per hour, and have it live for only a few hours. 

Data scientists and small businesses can spin up and launch cloud servers with heavy computing power, run quick validation tests, and collect the data they need. With data growing at extraordinary rates, and users demanding quick, effective analysis of this data, it is vital for small businesses to leverage the cost savings of on-demand cloud computing solution to compete within their respective industries.

Cloud hosting providers also provide time saving tools such as an API that can automate the provisioning process and give you full control over your cloud servers.

“Just-in-time” provisioning, which was once just considered a philosophy, now a reality, has officially evolved into what can be called, “Just-in-real-time” provisioning, as cloud servers are now available and online in under a minute. 

Startups and small businesses are constantly fighting to be the first to release new and innovative features. Having an affordable and agile cloud at their disposable gives them a clear advantage. In the past, virtualized infrastructure took days and if not, weeks to be provisioned and were a costly expense. This delay could be detrimental to a smaller business where “time to market” is everything.

 “Just-in-real-time” provisioning and hourly billing have helped level the playing field.

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