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Cloud-Based Physical Security Systems Available To Small Businesses

Among the laundry list of matters that need to be checked off to ensure both the business and its customers remain safe is security.

According to Lee Odess, general manager of Brivo Labs,Bethesda, MD security is needs to be top of mind.

Odess points out following the data breaches of 2014, information security has been a key concern for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses.

He adds the key to keeping a strong relationship with a customer base is keeping them happy, and no customer is going to be happy if credit card information is stolen.

Many small businesses allocate funds towards protecting digital assets, keeping customer and business information safe and secure behind the firewalls.

Odess poses another concern: What about physical security?

He argues physical security should still be a main priority for small businesses.

He adds, “It’s imperative that facilities and assets are kept safe to ensure peace of mind for business owners and their customers.”

There also benefits.

“Take for example a facility that is looking to be open 24 hours a day to best fit their customer demand, like a regional athletic club with only a dozen locations,” he suggests.

“These operations such as fitness gyms who might not have the funds to keep staff on-site all day and night, but based on feedback from members, there are a lot of customers who wish to take advantage of the late night and early morning hours to workout. The gym owners and managers are in a pickle – how can they service their customers without having staff on hand?” he points out.

Odess’ solution: Cloud-based access control.

“In fact, the cloud can be used by many small businesses to their advantage, not just in storing data and information, but also keeping facilities secure.” He suggests.

Odess believes cloud-based access control allows businesses to ensure safety and security of each location without physically having to be there, as tracked information is shared through the cloud and can be remotely accessed. This system can reduce risks through integrating with visitor management and other security and access components.

“For example, the gym facilities mentioned above can use a cloud-based access control system. With an integrated member management program, members can access the gym during off hours through a secure system. The gym is able to track all members who use the gym when staff members aren’t on-hand, and if any issues arise, such as a door being tampered with, the system alerts the manager immediately,” he adds.

Odess argues any small business or brick and mortar store that has a physical location requires physical security – it’s as simple as that. To ensure peace of mind both for small business owners and customers, think about how a physical security system managed in the cloud could help improve sales and reduce any potential security incidents.

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