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Obamacare Affects More Than Just Medical Benefit

Many small businesses are in the dark about how implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) looming on January 1, 2014 affects employers and employees..

The legislation will affect them. Some pundits are of the opinion that only medical benefits will be impacted by health care reform while others feel it will be business as usual.

While changes in medical benefits have been well documented, dental benefits remain a mystery despite the fact that employees rate dental as the second most important benefit after medical. Employers as well feel dental is an important part of their benefits package, but are quite confused about what will happen under Obamacre.

According to The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America ( there are  a number of myths and misconceptions being propagated about the Obamacare.

Guardian wants small businesses to know four essential facts every small business should know about Obamacare and dental benefits.

Myth 1: Only medical benefits are impacted by health care reform.
Fact: Dental benefits are also impacted. Small businesses with less than 50 employees are required to include pediatric oral services as one of the 10 Essential Health Benefits (EHBs). In most states, the pediatric dental EHB can be purchased from a dental carrier — on or off exchange—as a stand-alone benefit or as a part of their dental plan.

Myth 2: My small business won’t be impacted by the changes.
Fact: Small businesses with fewer than 50 employees will not face penalties for not offering coverage; however those that do offer coverage need to be compliant with EHB regulations — which includes providing pediatric dental care — beginning in 2014.

Myth 3: My small business won’t experience a significant premium increase>
Fact: Experts expect that most groups, small and large, will face significant premium increases — ranging from 25-130% — causing many employers to reexamine their benefit strategies — and possibly offer more voluntary options.

Myth 4: Benefits purchased on the exchange are lower cost and low quality.
Fact: Benefit options offered by dental carriers through the exchange will be largely comparable to what is available today, and similar to what is available off-exchange.

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