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Six Ways To Personalize Business Communication in a Digital World

For a small business, adding a personal touch is a genuine, affordable and feasible investment that pays off.

According to Bill Burnett, CEO of PointDrive, this is especially true when promoting through email.

Adds Burnett, “electronic mail should be no different. In a global 24/7 world, sometimes email is the only method of contact, so make it look professional while keeping it personal.

Here are six ways Burnett offers to improve digital communication:

Simplify the presentation. Instead of multiple emails with nondescript attachments, make it easy for prospects to follow along. That includes double-checking that the content is accessible, legible and worth downloading. Keep in mind half of emails are opened on a smartphone or tablet, so verify the email looks appealing on all devices.

Keep it brief. Nobody likes to wade through long-winded emails. It’s unnecessarily time consuming to write and for prospects to read. Respect the fact that less is more. Be direct, present the company’s vision then connect the dots.

Clarify your message. Be clear this isn’t a mass emailing from a robot. More than personalizing with “Dear [First Name],” small businesses can remind prospects the enterprise knows what they are looking for and provide what they need to make informed decisions quicker.

Make it relevant. Recycling the same generic email and attachments isn’t worth the potential time saved if it costs you a customer. Canned content is easy to detect and delete. It isn’t necessary to start from scratch each time, but only select the appropriate documents, videos and links—then tailor the message to the individual.

Engage your customer. Keep business moving with rapid email replies. In fact, a timely response is proven to increase sales. Just as marketing campaigns have analytics, there are tools to help the company stay one step ahead of email. Take the time to gain insights on customer activity to learn whether the message was received, opened or shared so follow-up emails can be customized.

Build the brand. Even when handling daily details, always think of the bigger picture. Showcase the company’s logo, reinforce the website and include social media channels to continually market the company. Don’t limit the relationship with the customer, plus no one knows who else will see the email.

Burnett also believes “every email matters—from creating a first impression to closing the deal—so think before sending. Keep every point of contact positive, memorable and personal. That’s one way to confirm the company’s digital business communication is working hard to best represent the brand.

Bill Burnett is the Founder and CEO of PointDrive, a sales-oriented application that improves the way you share content with customers.

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