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Short, Interesting Videos Engage Employees, Save Training Costs

Long, drawn out videos without a fast forward button are often consider nightmares to a many number of people.

With attention spans becoming increasingly shorter as time passes and time and cost for businesses at a premium, it is important to make critical training and information dissemination short and to the point.

A possible solution is to make the delivery medium shorter, cogent and more fun.

After working for a video production company, Michael Castellano developed an innovative solution he calls it enGajer.

 Realizing that many people spend hours watching entire instructional videos only to find that a small portion of the video actually relates to what they were looking for, Castellano set out on a venture to create a video program solution that would not only save the user time, but the employer money as well.

enGajer uses short videos that allow for the user to “choose their own adventure.” enGajer’s often begin with an introduction video where the company is explained. From there the user is given a list of options of what they would like to learn more about. This saves the user valuable time. Instead of sifting through entire videos to find what they wish to know, they can easily to that part of the video.

According to Castellano, the greatest obstacle facing this new innovation was there was nothing else for it to be compared to.

“At the beginning, there were no examples, and thus it was often difficult for many to grasp my vision” he says.

Despite this obstacle, he kept pursuing with the project, gaining support from his family and friends who already invested in his video production company. 

Castellano claims another advantage to this enGajer is how cost effective the product is.

Rather than companies bringing in every individual candidate for a position, they can provide them with consistent and easy to understand information about the company, simply by sending them a link to their enGajer. Small business owners especially need to be mindful of their time and expenses. Having an enGajer allows for them to engage both potential employees and customers without the cost of bringing people in for an personal interview.

The Dashboard feature is another tool that maximizes time and cost. Using this program, a company can send a unique link to their enGajer to any customer or employee, from there the tracking program begins. Companies are able to track what topic each person actually engaged in and how much of the entire enGajer they immersed themselves in. The program keeps a record of their actions within the enGajer and ranks their interest level. This gives companies an idea at a glance, who they should put their time and effort into and on what topics.

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