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Fit Is Important When Hiring For Long Term Employees

Small businesses that focused on fit in their hiring practices were five times more likely to hire top performing, long-lasting employees.

This was the findings of research conducted by ClearFi whose founder and Co-CEO Ben Baldwin offers the following tips on identifying potential employees who “fit” the organization.

According to Baldwin, “no matter how perfect a candidate looks on paper, if they aren't the right fit, they won't be performing or sticking around in the long run..”When assessing a candidate's job fit, consider:

  1. Do they fit the job role? In deciding whether a candidate is going to excel in a job, strip down the role to see what’s really needed in an employee to achieve the desired outcome and what can be sacrificed.  To maintain the focus on finding the best candidates, separate the fluff and break down a job role to bare bones necessities.  This also alleviates the chance of becoming distracted or “romanced” by those smooth-talking candidates who seem to be all the rage, but don’t actually measure up to what’s needed to succeed in the role.
  2. Do they fit with the company culture? To limit the selection process to the employee who will be the most engaged with a given company, it’s important to consider the company culture. A simple values and vision exercise will help businesses understand or reacquaint themselves with what the company wants to achieve and how to go about doing it. From that, develop open-ended questions for the interview allowing the hiring manager to uncover just how well a candidate will fit into the company culture.  For instance, ask “Why work here?”  
  3. Do they go the extra mile? Ask for a cover letter and see who actually includes one. Those who do have already demonstrated they'll do more than others. Also, be sure to read the cover letters and see if they were just template/generic, or if they any include anything demonstrating how they’ll fit in your business. Do they write like other people at the company, or is their written communication on a completely different page (excuse the pun)? 
  4. Referrals! Encourage top employees to refer friends and colleagues for job openings. These candidates will be pre-screened for cultural fit by your employees. In addition, referrers tend to stick around longer because once a friend is hired, the referrer is socially committed to being there for a while. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy work more when they’re surrounded by friends?

It’s never easy to build a great company, but there are some ways to make it simpler. Hiring employees that fit is what differentiates the most successful business owners from everyone else, because hiring the right people is what drives a business’ success. Following these four points will set any business owner off on the right foot to better hiring and better retention—and business results.

Ben Baldwin is the Founder and Co-CEO of ClearFit, a hiring tool that makes it easy for small businesses to find and hire employees that succeed.  

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