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Medical and Health Field Now Offers Most Flextime Jobs

For a new position that welcomes telecommuting, part-time, free-lance and flexible work schedules, the medical and health field is the way to go, according to a recent analysis of flexible-job market trends.

FlexJobs, an online service based in Boulder City, Colo., analyzed data regarding the top 25 career fields for open scheduling. After medical/health, the sales and education fields ranked second and third, respectively.

Every quarter, the company lists thousands of open positions that might appeal to workers looking for employment outside of the 9-to-5 day. Some positions on the company’s Web site are posted directly by employers, while others are listed by FlexJobs’ staff of researchers, who review hundreds of Web sites to gather data from a variety of sources, such as industry blogs, employer sites, online job boards and feeds.

In July, the beginning of the most recent quarter, the art-and-creative field had the biggest jump in overall volume, growing 36%. Education also grew by 32%. Engineering saw the largest decrease, with a 43% drop in job volume.

“Every quarter, thousands of available telecommuting, part-time, flexible-schedule and free-lance jobs are listed on FlexJobs, and we are excited to be able to release the job trends for industries that are the most active in hiring for flexible work,” says FlexJobs CEO Sara Sutton Fell.

“We want to help raise awareness about the depth and variety of flexible jobs, and we will continue to evaluate flexible-employment trends both quarterly and monthly.”

Sutton Fell says only professional jobs that can be confirmed both as legitimate and as having some kind of work flexibility are included in the job database. That standard promotes the company’s goal of supporting telecommuting and flexible jobs that allow people to enjoy work and life in environmentally sustainable ways.

“FlexJobs is the biggest and most trustworthy resource for flexible jobs, and we have been researching jobs in this industry for over four years,” she says. “This is the first time we have released data publicly, in part because our data-tracking has found an increase in many surprising professional fields.”

FlexJobs gives job-seekers an ad-free way to find legitimate jobs quickly, easily and safely. The company’s research team provides quality job leads in more than 50 career categories, ranging from entry-level to executive, free-lance to full-time.

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