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How to Propel Daily Performance from Normal to Extraordinary

Engagement produces results, but there’s so much more to achieving remarkable results.

Thomas J. Walter, CEO of Tasty Catering creating a culture that gives each employee a sense of caring and ownership in the organization is a powerful tool for guiding behaviors.

In turn, customers express satisfaction through repeat, loyal business.

Adds Walter, “employee-customer interaction is a part of emotional engagement, which is a cornerstone of successful business.”

He goes on” “But the highest performing organizations go beyond emotional engagement to employee entanglement.”

Walter believes at the core of entanglement is tension, which can be a positive force that drives individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve better results.

“That tension between the present and the desired future holds great potential when felt by the collective efforts of dedicated people joined by common values, purposes, or goals,” he enthuses.

As he points out, “entangled employees have personal expectations for excellence and a desire to see their organization excel, pushing them to become high performers. And entanglement is the critical force that separates world-class from common performance. It creates leaders.”

Inside his company and in his talks to other businesses, he believes employees should see each encounter with a customer (or other stakeholder) as their only opportunity to make a positive impression. Therefore, each decision should be focused on gaining the best possible result.

Walter preaches when team members have a strong personal commitment to the goals and values of an organization, they embrace the spirit of the culture and behavior that promotes success.

He highlights some of the common traits that entangled employees at all levels possess.

  • They devote more mental energy toward problem solving, quality improvement, and organizational challenges.
  • They think past the requirements of their position to help the entire organization achieve maximum performance.

Leadership should recognize and reward this discretionary thinking, encouraging it to become commonplace.

Walter believes the cultivation of entangled organizations starts with environment. When leaders create an environment that employees love and want to protect, it fosters emotional commitment, which in turn affects performance.  Aiming to achieve these eight critical elements will result in a powerful synergy relating to entanglement:

  • Having leaders who do extraordinary things
  • Building an ethical organization
  • Focusing all the human capital
  • Using processes to guide performance
  • Increasing an individual’s self-efficacy
  • Giving employees freedom and responsibility within a culture of discipline
  • Hardwiring discretionary thinking and actions
  • Guiding the transformation process to remarkable performance

Finally, Walter suggests every organization can demonstrate the eight elements in differing ways and degrees, depending on their state of development.

Integrating them together and aligning each employee with the set will result in high performance and a positive impact for all stakeholders.

Thomas J. Walter, CEO of Tasty Catering and Author of It’s My Company Too! How Entangled Companies Move Beyond Employee Engagement for Remarkable Results To learn more about creating organizational entanglement visit It’s My Company Too.

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