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Cloud Apps That Can Help Small Businesses Grow

Jennifer Hutchinson, an Online Marketing Specialist for InfoStreet, discusses the most influential cloud apps coming to market for small business owners. Hutchinson touches on four main areas: time management, general office productivity, accounting and finances, and sales and marketing.

With small business owners trying to manage many elements of their business at once, time becomes a premium. Hutchinson suggests the use of Appointy, which is an app for online appointment-scheduling, and ShiftPlanning, which allows for an owner to “create, edit, and manage timesheets, payroll, and schedules” as tools for maximizing time.

In terms of general office productive, Hutchinson states, “In 2013, the cloud is your office.” No matter where a business owner is they need to be contact with their business. “Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization app that lets you create and edit your own files online, while your teammates add their own information to the files in real-time.” Another option is Mijura, “an online task management software tool” that allows for users to “collaborate, track time and progress, manage meetings, and generate reports.”

Accounting and finances can be tricky, but the New Year is a new start. Toast can help business owners manage and organize their invoices. With a built-in scanner, online client database and detailed analytic reports, Toast is the perfect tool to start the New Year organized. To help ease accounting woes, Kashoo “is an easy-to-use cloud accounting app.”

Without good sales and marketing, businesses have trouble succeeding. With the MeetingBurner app a business owner “can host meetings with [their] team anytime, anywhere, and with any Internet-connected device [they] have.” Zopim is another tool that “gives [an owner] the power to monitor visitors on [their] website and engage them in conversion” through a live-chat feature that can be placed on the website’s landing.

With these new cloud apps, small business owners will be able to move further into forefront and become more efficient in their production in 2013.

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