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Profitable Holiday Marketing Starts Now

Preparing for holiday sales starts now.

Bryan Shaw, Community Manager, 3dcart offers these suggestions on how to prepare for a profitable holiday sales time.

  • Like snowflakes, no two e-stores are alike. The time it takes to prepare for the holiday season will vary depending on business size, sales volume, man power, money and website optimization.
    • In the world of eCommerce, the holiday shopping season typically spans the months of November and December, but with an early Hanukah this year, now’s the time to get ready for the upcoming spending rush.
    • At the end of the day, stepping up and seizing moments of growth is what being a successful eCommerce merchant all is about.
    • Even the most successful and well-staffed online stores need several weeks of holiday preparation. Now’s the time! Procrastinating can be a missed golden opportunity.
    • Be prepared
  • E-stores need to be ready to handle a massive spike in website traffic and customer service requests.
  • Online store owners should update their website design, add holiday-themed sliders, cross-sell products, establish promotions and revamp product libraries.
  • Target Your Audience
    • Before owners can effectively market their e-store for the holiday season, they need to know who thier audience is an how to reach them.
    • Now, more than ever people are turning toward social media advertising, and if it fits within the marketing budget, we recommend following suit. When it comes to advertising on social platforms, there are several options available, like PPC (pay per click) and focused content marketing, just to name a few.
    • Keep in mind that people who are registered with a store are more likely to return as loyal customers during Christmastime, and marketing efforts should be tailored to appeal directly to those shoppers.
    • Whichever option(s) owners choose, researching target audiences and creating campaigns that will effectively reach them will make all the difference.
    • Create a marketing plan
  • E-store’s holiday preparations are only as effective as its marketing strategy. If owners fall short and create a plan that fails to position the business for success, all of the hard work that went in to preparing for the holiday season will be for naught.
  • Before any decisions are made, grab the entire team and spend as much time as necessary developing a truly effective holiday marketing plan that contains a detailed, step-by-step execution guide.
  • Embrace the Holiday Spirit
  • s e-commerce merchants, every piece of marketing and advertising developed should embrace the spirit of the holidays. This includes homepage design, email templates, social media photos and background images, etc.
  • Owners should treat their online store like a brick-and-mortar establishment complete with holiday-themed decorations. It really does pay to be excited about the holidays.

 Bryan Shaw, Community Manager, 3dcart

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