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Small Businesses Need To Better Manage Documents As Systems Become More Mobile

The death of the printed word has often been predicted but it still carries on in small business.

Tami Beach, Director, AMS Print Services Category, HP points out “It is no secret that today’s business world is undergoing a major shift where digital processes are starting to replace processes that were once strictly paper-based.”

Still, she argues, printing continues to play an integral role in the lives of small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs).

As a result, it is easy for SMBs to get caught trying to single-handedly balance the complex analog to digital transformation occurring across every industry segment.

With rising costs and the need to be as productive as possible, SMBs seek more effective ways to manage daily printing tasks.

Bridging the gap between the paper and digital world is becoming more important.

Beach offers one answer: consider investing in Managed Print Services (MPS).

Here are her three reasons why SMBs should invest in MPS:

  1. Lower costs, higher productivity: The purchase of devices and supplies, when coupled with the management of even the smallest printing fleet, can be costly and cause a massive decrease in productivity for an SMB’s limited administrative and IT staff. When a device breaks down, it is your job to figure out how to fix it. When you run out of ink or toner, guess who has to go buy the replacement? With an MPS contract, your provider can take supplies replenishment and routine maintenance off your to-do list. MPS allows your organization to acquire or lease the most effective devices for your business based on a detailed assessment of your print needs and current environment. If the appropriate devices are already in place, MPS will manage those devices for you. With a lower front-end investment, predictable monthly costs and a per-page cost structure, an MPS engagement will help you realize major cost savings while effectively managing your print environment. MPS will help free up your employees to focus on more strategic business issues and less on your printers. 
  2. Increased security: Many organizations understand the importance of security, typically focusing on building security and network security, covering servers and PCs. But printers are often overlooked. The costs of an unsecured print environment – whether it is a sensitive document left on the printer tray or unauthorized access to information on the hard drive – can be extremely high, as data breaches can lead to costly litigation or negative business outcomes. With MPS, SMBs can easily deploy security policies and capabilities across its entire fleet of networked devices, plugging a previously unsecured hole in your network security plans. 
  3. Improved workflows{ Though SMBs still rely heavily on the printed page, some paper-based processes may be slowing down your business. An MPS engagement will help you identify workflow solutions to simplify outdated processes, making them more effective, efficient, and essentially, faster. With the rise of “smart” multifunction printers (MFPs) that act as on- and off- ramps to the cloud, it is important to have the right solutions to help bridge the gap between paper and digital in today’s hybrid world.

Looking for your next big IT investment to help transform your business? Managed Print Services should be considered.

Tami Beach is a Director of Americas Print Services Category for Hewlett-Packard.

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