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Six Ways to Create a More Mobile-Friendly Site

It’s a reality that small businesses are experiencing an uptick in mobile visitors–both from traditional mobile devices and new tablets. However, many businesses are still uncertain about best practices they should be executing when it comes to mobile and optimizing a consumer’s experience.
Diane Buzzeo, CEO and founder of Ability Commerce (, offers the following ways that companies can make their Web site more mobile-friendly:

Manage existing site content on external cascading style sheets (CSS). As mobile screens are usually 320 pixels wide, it’s critical to optimize and resize for mobile. Buzzeo says, “One of the easiest ways to leverage your Web site is through CSS. Instead of building a whole new mobile site, you can create and edit content from one central system.” The newer CSS3 even provides functionality for scaling basic animations.

Implement HTML5 or JavaScript for videos and animation. Apple places strict licensing restrictions on its products, and it doesn’t allow iOS apps to work with or be developed in Flash. Alternative. “HTML5 allows for cross-platform app development, as well as embedded video that all devices can read,” Buzzeo says.

Reconsider the use of images. While many businesses opt to select “resize” when dealing with images, in reality they should just select the “do not display” option for the majority of their graphics.  People tend to know what they want when visiting a mobile site, or are already drawn to it based on the content–not the image.

Keep mobile navigation simple. “On small smartphone screens, hyperlinks become crowded and difficult to cleanly select, which reduces a positive customer experience,” Buzzeo says. “Make it easy for customers to call you by integrating TapToCall, an app that calls upon touch and smoothly integrates with your mobile site.”

Learn from others’ trial and error. Look at sites that have well-built mobile versions and how they contrast with their traditional desktop site. Learn from leaders in the industry to draw inspiration and best practices.

Focus on expanding, not segmenting, the audience. Mobile apps create a mobile version for a specific smartphone. Mobile-friendly Web sites avoid alienating certain smartphone users. “Creating a mobile-friendly site is far more flexible and can just as easily be seen on an iPhone as it can on an Android device,” Buzzeo says.

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