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A How-To Primer Small Business Mobile Signup Advertising

Mobile advertising can be a lot like a summer blockbuster movie. On many occasions, it promises more than it delivers.

A recent Borrell survey showed that 43% of marketers say that lack of ROI is a prominent factor that prevents them from increasing spend in mobile advertising

But according to Pontiflex CEO, Zephrin Lasker, “the world has gone mobile.”

For the last two years, there have been more mobile phones shipped in the US than computers and laptops combined. However, mobile ad spend accounts for only 4% of the total digital ad spend. Why this discrepancy between consumer adoption and ad spend?

The ad industry has taken models that have worked in the online world and tried to make them work on mobile devices. Unfortunately, online ads don’t work in a mobile world.

The problem stems when a consumer accidently clicks on an ad due to the small form factor of the mobile device. According to a recent Harris survey, almost half the clicks on mobile app advertisements were accidental. Given that most mobile ad models charge for clicks, it is not too far-fetched to say that nearly 50% of mobile ad dollars go to waste.

There’s been a lot of innovation in the mobile space to circumvent the problem caused by click based mobile advertising. To give just one example, companies like Sickweather, Paper Hat Press, One Click Ventures and Nita Nita are using mobile signup ads to reach consumers on mobile devices.

Signup ads allow marketers to pay only when consumers opts in to their ad. The advertiser is never charged for wasted clicks or impressions. Here’s a little more information on mobile signup ads

What are sign-up ads?

Sign-up ads run on top iOS and Android mobile apps. Signup ads consist of a logo, a headline and short body copy with a call to action. People can tap on the ads and sign up to hear from the businesses they like by entering their email address.

How much do signup ads cost?

Advertisers only pay when a person signs up to hear from them. They never pay for wasted clicks or impressions. The cost of a signup depends on various factors such as the industry, the target area, etc. That said the cost of a signup can range from 50 cents and over.  Advertisers know the cost of a signup before starting a campaign.

How do you write good mobile ad copy?

Keep it short. Generally speaking, people don’t interact with long winded content on mobile devices. When it comes to writing mobile ad copy, do not look to Homer or Shakespeare for inspiration. Keep it short. Keep it simple.

Use a direct call to action. Make sure to be clear and direct with the message of what people will get when responding to your ad. In a few short sentences, you should explain what you want them to do, when you want them to do it, and what they will get in return. For example: Sign up now. Get 15 percent off total purchase. 

Use mobile ad extensions. With mobile ads, you can use unique ad extensions that are not available or not as useful when it comes to online advertising. For example, you can place ad extensions such as click-to call and location extensions next to your ads. These extensions help customers get in touch with your business when they are in your area searching for a relevant product or service.

Display your brand prominently. A mobile ad is often used to establish a first point of contact. Often, when a customer signs up, you will need to follow up with a more detailed communication via email or text to convey more information or close a sale. 

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