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Success Comes From Local Sourcing, High Quality Products

Today, “Made in the U.S.A” stickers are slim to none on every day consumer products, but this is not the case for NextDesk and it’s founder and CEO of Dan Lee. 

With a business of manufacturing and selling height adjustable desks now booming after two years of weeding out the major issues, Lee has no intentions of slowing down.

His successful business built right in Texas he said thrives on the desks’ quality and the lesson he learned “with cheap labor comes cheap quality.”

Lee states, “Outsourcing is not good for business today.”

He explains that in the beginning of his NextDesk career, the desks sent from other countries were of very poor quality and in fact, unpleasant to the eye.

His clients have “much higher standards,” and he is willing to go above and beyond to meet those standards.

Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing actually costs more for businesses because of time.

Lee explained, “The China promise is always broken. They promise to ship materials to you by a certain time, and you end up waiting three months for its arrival and time costs money.”

NextDesk has a grasp on a “controlled proximity and access to its products right in Texas, which makes manufacturing the desks faster and therefore more affordable,” says Lee.

“Not only is an American-made product of better quality and overall value, but it is also beneficial to the U.S. as a whole,” Lee argues.

When asked to describe what was exceptional about his desks, Lee replied, “An aesthetically beautiful piece of furniture made from mainly bamboo, which is the most sustainable product, and recycled aluminum which takes 95% less energy to recycle.”

Lee offers four reasons for NextDesk’s success.

  1. A driven passion for changing the way America functions in everyday life.
  2. Quality of an American-manufactured product.
  3. A value-added clientele willing to share in an investment of their long-term health.

 As Lee also points out, “with just a click of a button, the height adjustable desks move up or down, allowing you to sit or stand at your leisure with no interruptions.”

According to Mr. Lee, “Stand up jobs are nothing new, but because of the amount of time we now spend sitting down that has turned us into a people with major health issues. Studies have shown that changing positions from sitting to standing every twenty minutes or so can help increase your overall health.”

In order to change America, Lee believes NextDesk needs to take itself into the school systems, change the way Americans study, and thus, exist. NextDesk is not only changing the lives of the business world, but will change the American culture.”


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