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Daughter’s Needs Drive Parents To Develop Unique Food Supplement Product

The Lavers

Editor's note: Sometimes a personal need or experience can drive the creation of a successful new product or small business. Here is an example of just such a happenstance. To hear more about this wonderful story go to our radio show episode that features Richard Laver.

When Richard and Michelle Laver's daughter, Kate was born with cerebral palsy and diagnosed as failing to “thrive” the road laid out ahead of Kate included feeding tubes, hospital visits, and numerous pharmaceutical drugs.

The meal replacement beverage her doctors prescribed was overloaded with sugar and dairy for calorie enhancement. As a result, Kate had many additional complications, including bottle rot, sleep apnea and digestive problems. With their daughter not living an ideal life, Richard and his life decided it was time to take matters into their own hands.

The Lavers (along with the help of a family friend) then created their own meal replacement shake in their kitchen.

Leaving out the sugar and dairy products, they replaced them with all-natural vegan ingredients. When they finished, their efforts resulted in "the world's first dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free meal replacement shake."

The Komplete Ultimate Shake contains 24 fruits & vegetables, a high-level of plant-based proteins and 21 superfoods (like acai, mangosteen, black currants, raspberries, green tea extract). Kate Farms believes that their "passion for healthy foods and belief in taking care of one another is the reason" they exist. 

After drinking Komplete, within weeks, Kate’s condition improved greatly and she no longer needed breathing treatment for sleep apnea, her digestion problems were a thing of the past and her mouth was once again healthy.

Seeing radical results in the improvement of his daughter’s health from the Komplete products inspired Richard to share the Kate Farms’ solution with the world.

“When you have a dream to make something better on a personal level for your child and then try to make it into a reality for a bigger marketplace; it has to have a certain amount of faith with it,” Laver says.

He believes” that because there are so many obstacles you come across in life, you have to keep pushing through and be persistent with the end goal in mind to create the best product possible and get it out there in the name of his daughter.

 Kate Laver is the inspiration behind Kate Farms’ vision and products and each product produced has attempted to capture Kate’s pure heart. Kate Farms is a healthy inspirational place where nutrition and happiness are one. Kate Farms also believes nutrition is the cornerstone of a good life, and Kate Farms is dedicated to this purpose. These are some of the virtues that Kate has taught Richard and Michelle to live by.

According to Laver, Kate Farms is the world’s first certified made with organic ingredients dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free ready-to-drink meal replacement shake™ bringing to the user everything a body needs, including a blend of 21 superfoods with antioxidants and without unwanted ingredients in a convenient on-the-go shake.

Laver says Kate Farms’ mission is to create breakthrough vegan foods and drinks to ensure the best opportunity for optimum health. The goal at Kate Farms is to help people who are clinically “failing to thrive” get the necessary nutrition they need along with helping healthy people with busy lives get proper nutrition to live life to the fullest. For additional information or to purchase Kate Farms products, please visit

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