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Local Directory Listings Offer Higher Web Visibility Aiding Small Business Efforts

There is a trend of city-focused websites offering small businesses an online venue to attract visitors, local customers.

These websites are flourishing as more consumers are turning to search engines for professional recommendations.

At the same time, of all the internet searches taking place, 70 percent are for local business services and products.

The best part – local search results reach consumers at the moment they are ready to purchase. The rate of conversion is high.

The downside – with large, national companies taking up top Google search results, small businesses are becoming lost in the vast universe of web search. Listing in local business directories is the solution.

With localized websites now offering business listing services, standing out in the big business crowd has become easier. These outlets are flourishing because they deliver an economical venue at a time when smaller enterprises are increasingly turning to web-based marketing efforts.

According to AT&T’s 2013 Small Business Technology Poll, 66 percent of small businesses are maintaining or increasing spending on digital marketing.

Mahesh Chaddah is CEO and Co-Founder of, online directories are a valuable tool in today’s economy for small businesses to increase SEO and brand awareness.

Chaddah points out the cost efficiency, often less than $10 dollars per month, as one reason smasller firms should consider an online directory.

He points out more than half of today’s consumers are using Google or Bing to locate a business. Therefore, focusing on maximizing online visibility through local search results is a win-win to connect consumers with businesses.

Local search is as much about brand awareness as it is about brand management and credibility. Submitting to any and all local listing sites and expecting business to boom is not the wisest – or most cost-effective – path for your business.

Small businesses should seek top-ranked, quality websites known for localized expertise.

Chaddah offers as one example from the’s business directory.

Gavin Hatcher, owner of Therapy Brew Bar & Wine Lounge in Orlando explains, “My listing has increased the visibility of my business by improving search engine rankings, and it has boosted sales by allowing me to post coupons. It provides great value at an affordable price.”

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