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Turn Your Email List Into A Sales Generator

Most companies have built an email list of current and potential customers.

But any email list is just that until it becomes a true sales channel.

Happily, it doesn’t take rocket science or a lot of money to turn email list participants into buyers.

Sales channels are made through regular, effective contacts.

The best way is to touch list members with regularly professionally written and designed newsletters loaded with information to help them to personal, professional and business excellence.

Providing engaging content that turns an email list into a sales generator is a challenge for many small business leaders.

Information Strategies’ award-winning editors can help even the smallest company build an effective, engaging newsletter campaign carrying your sales message.

Our team can design, write and even send your regularly scheduled newsletter that fits your budget.

In short, a soup-to-nuts approach is available and/or just original, exclusive content for your company alone.

With 12+ years of award-winning experience researching, reporting on and serving the small business and consumer marketplace we have an expertise to help create and/or expand your company’s sales channel.

Whether your clients are consumers, other businesses or government agencies, you can use our expertise to grow your sales.  We have helped such clients as Microsoft; Verizon and Google as well as numerous small- and medium-size companies to greater sales.

Want to learn more?  Contact Donald Mazzella at or call him at 201-242-0600.  We’ll also do a sample newsletter to demonstrate just how we can work effectively with your marketing team.

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