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February 2017 Ideas, Tips and Advice for Small Businesses
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Improving a small business credit rating can save money, improve cashflow.

Succession planning is important to increase small business growth.

Mandated labor costs will challenge food sector establishment profit efforts.  

Start-up offers new way for authors to publicize their books.

Friendly CEO can add to small business profits.

Small Business Digest Trends...

What is the small business outlook for 2017?

Small business is expected to stagnate as new Trump Administration undos much of Obama regulatory program. Obamacare on the block but shape of replacement still unclear. Economy still moving at slow pace.

Ask the Experts...


Are small businesses adding workers?


27% of small businesses actually cut on average one employee in 2016 and 22% added on average two employees while remainder had no change.

Medical marijuana is one of the fastest growing small businesses in America.
Hear and see how a successful small business medical marijuana enterprise was created in a state with the toughest rules for starting, operating a medical marijuana operation.
Small Business Digest's video channel features an interview with Bill Thomas, President and CEO of the Compassionate Care Foundation of New Jersey.

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