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Airport Waiting Time Can Be Made More Productive With Smartphone Apps

Small business leaders chafe at anytime wasted, especially in an airport or other public area.

One solution to airport waiting downtime is the new powerful smartphone apps being put in the hands of small business people.

A well-appointed smartphone turns any airport seat into a mobile office.

For small business leaders, time is money. Every second counts when it comes to securing contracts, purchase orders and agreements vital to their business. A speedy response is also invaluable when dealing with customers and can equate to an opportune win or unfortunate loss which impacts the bottom line.

In the past, those traveling for business required a computer terminal, landline phone, copier and fax machine, which meant professionals were tied to their desks and little could be accomplished “on the go.”

Apps from companies such as j2 Global turn any airport seat into an office.

Thanks to new applications steadily reaching the market, small business leaders can now add a broader array of mobile apps for their businesses to be even more connected, more available, and more able to productively use those moments of time that are otherwise lost. 

Other Apps

One solution is a smartphone with a fax application a a means of increasing productivity and reach.  Think about the efficiency a simple fax app can add to any busy workday. Read and respond to faxes from anywhere – on the road, a prospect’s boardroom, or even out on a family getaway. 

Advanced services can turn paper into a fax using the camera on your phone. Physical documents can even be captured with the phone’s camera and sent as a fax.

Photos can be taken of documents, whiteboards, receipts, or anything that needs to be faxed, and advanced image processing technology transforms the snapshot into a full-size fax.

Through the adoption of workflow apps like eFax for mobile faxing and eVoice for VoIP calling, small business leaders can maximize productivity on the go and better manage and even co-mingle the dual demands of business and personal life.

With internet faxing, call routing and voicemail transcriptions, apps can help turn mobile devices into a multi-functional office space.

Virtual phone solutions like eVoice provide a call screening feature which allows an individual to hear the name of the person calling. They can then decide to pick up the call or transfer it to voicemail.

This gives the recipient greater control over their time and productivity by prioritizing calls. Added bonus: solutions like eVoice allow the recipient to sneak a quick peek at transcribed voicemails on their smartphone. Now it is possible to keep up on messages without disrupting a meeting or conversation by dialing into a traditional voicemail system.

 “Today’s business is mobile. Professionals need to be able to close a deal, process an order, or approve an expense in the office, at home, or on the road” said Mike Pugh, vice president, marketing of j2 Global. “The eVoice app brings all of the features you expect from a big business phone system to your mobile device. Simultaneously, the eFax app gives busy professionals all the power of a fax machine in the palm of their hand. Paper has met the cloud.”

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