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Multi-Media Online Approach Urged For Small Business Marketers

While social media is storming forward as a communications media, most respondents prefer to get their advertisements via email.

That is not to say they like email messages, but consumers are saying they prefer to keep them out of their social media efforts.

Given this scenario, it is important for small business marketers to build a multi-channel effort.

GraphicMail reports it's customer surveys last year and into the new year show that users are realizing the value of an integrated approach of email, mobile and social communications in order improve their return on investment.

One Marketingprofs survey on consumer channel habits and preferences, found that 77% of the respondents preferred to receive permission-based promotions via email; 6% preferred such messages via social media. A similar survey by global information services company Experian, of UK consumers found 69% with a preference for email as the channel for brand communications.

In GraphicMail’s quarterly customer survey, US digital marketers have been identified as early adopters when it comes to new technologies, which is clear when looking at the amount of start-up businesses realising the necessity for an email service provider. Being able to touch base with a well-informed, skilled support team instead of relying on self-help makes GraphicMail the ‘go to guy’, as the majority of business owners and marketers have indicated they prefer speaking to someone who can guide them on their way.

Says Barbara Ulmi, marketing director: “I believe that businesses are realizing that if they don’t speak directly to their customers, someone else will,” when asked what he thinks the driving force behind email and mobile marketing is.

The challenge for new email marketers, GraphicMail found, is that they don’t always know how to personalize their email marketing material, like newsletters and promotional material. This is especially important when taking into account the importance of direct addressing of newsletter subscribers via design and content - the trick is to be personal in a very public space.

An overwhelming amount of users have shown interest in mobile marketing solutions, realizing the potential it has to further extend their reach and in doing so engage with an entirely new kind of consumer.  Mobile marketing is both a challenge and an exciting prospect for businesses.

According to Google’s Consumer Barometer, more than 57% of people in the US under the age of 40 access the internet via their mobile phones. While the majority of email marketing users are between the ages of 31 and 54 years old, mobile options allow engagement with a much younger slice of the populous.

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