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Viral Marketing in 2013 Hinges on Content Creation, Social Media

The strategies to turn an online marketing campaign into a viral hit  often change.

But there are some ways of shaping a campaign to fit the emerging trends as the year goes on.

One blogger,  Marketing blog ClickZ has rounded up some of those trends, offering its predictions for the three viral marketing trends businesses should look out for in 2013.

Of this article, Baltimore-based digital marketing firm, says, “The year 2012 was characterized by many marketing professionals as the year of content marketing,” opines founder Zsolt Bicskey, in reference to the first trend specified by ClickZ. “This blog challenges businesses and brands to view each ad as a piece of content, which is an important mindset to adopt as we head into this New Year.”

More specifically, the blog advises businesses to create content that is less concerned with straightforward product promotion, more focused on resonating with online users on a deeper level. “There are plenty of ways in which businesses and brands can create compelling content, such as how-to guides, tips, and lifestyle blogs, all of which can be made to dovetail with the industry or vertical in question,” comments Bicskey. “The advantages of this approach are many, but certainly high on the list is that it leads to content that is more ‘shareable’ and memorable among Internet users—which, of course, is key to any viral marketing efforts.”

The ClickZ article recommends that businesses make the Internet their first line of attack. “The second trend specified in the article is for businesses to test new ad ideas on the Web, before investing in things like TV commercials,” explains Bicskey. “Certainly, this gets to the heart of one of the big advantages that the Web offers, which is that it is a terrific platform for experimentation. Businesses can play around with viral marketing ideas, evaluate what works and what does not, and fine-tune their campaigns.”

The third and final viral marketing approach recommended by ClickZ is to unite ad campaigns with social media. “There is a disconnect, with many businesses, between ad campaigns and social networking,” Bicskey offers. “Many businesses are very good as using Facebook and Twitter to engage with clients, and, as ClickZ notes, this has led to improvements in customer service. However, social networks are also key for promoting ad campaigns. For example, one of the best strategies for viral marketing is to join a video marketing endeavor with social networks, sharing popular and easy-to-like videos on Facebook and other social networks.”

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