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Aligning The Small Business Team for Strategic Growth

When setting goals for the future, it is imperative to have a company-wide vision. Fast growth will impact far more than revenue.

According to Cameron Herold, Author of Double Double: How to Double Your Revenue and Profit in 3 Years or Less, “The size of the workforce, physical office size and location might change, and even the service offerings may expand or drastically shift.”

To better communicate this change, he argues that creating a “Painted Picture.”

“Creating a “Painted Picture” encompasses the overarching vision for the whole company. But it’s not enough for just the leadership to be aware of the Painted Picture. The entire team must focus in on the same vision for it to succeed,” he continues.

Herold believes the visualization process should be as detailed as possible.

Management should:

  • Prepare for potential obstacles,
  • Think about how day-to-day operations will run,
  • How will current funding effect future financials, and
  • What are clients saying?

The painted picture should cover every area of your business: culture, staff, marketing, public relations, IT, operations, finance, production, communication, customer service, engineering, values, employee engagement, etc, and roll them all into that Painted Picture.

Herold sees one of the benefits is when employees see what the company will look like in the future, they will have a clear sense of where they can contribute and add value.

In short, everyone should be a part of the bigger plan and on the same page.

“Conceive, believe, and achieve” should be the mantra when introducing and reinforcing the Painted Picture to the team. Employees become allies when they share in the same company vision. When they are aligned with the same vision, they will instinctively make decisions that will move closer to achieving it. Paint the picture, believe in its viability and success, and then unite as a team to achieve it. It’s a powerful process,” he urges

Herold also suggest enlisingt community support by sharing the Painted Picture beyond employees, to suppliers, bankers, and lawyers. Gather opinions, expand alignment, and encourage sharing.

“The more people subconsciously aligned with the vision, the more who are energized by the clarity of concept and will help make it happen,” he adds.

Another task is that once the Painted Picture is in place, it’s useful to project metrics and work backwards, or reverse engineer, to create goals.

 Use that picture of where management wants to be to figure out what is needed to do to get there. Again, alignment is crucial to meeting objectives. Daily tasks and operations need to connect to the vision. Everyone’s role is clear and the desired outcome is, too,” he continues.

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