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8 Best Practices for Text Message Marketing

Text messaging marketing is a little promoted but effective way to reach current, potential customers.

According to Jack Ukropina, Director of Mogreet Express, text marketing is effective.

He offers these interesting insights:

  • Today’s customers are mobile addicts!
  • 33% of U.S. mobile customers said they preferred their offers by text message over the mobile Web (21%), apps (11%) and voice mail (8%) Source: MediaPost
  • 98% of U.S. mobile users can receive mobile messages. Source: Mobile Marketer
  • Text messaging has a 95% open rate
  • On average, text messages are opened within 3 minutes
  • Smartphone penetration reached 61% in May 2013 for the first time[i]
  • 271M of Americans have a mobile phone and 90.5% text.[ii]
  • In a mobile webinar hosted by the Mobile Marketing Association and Mogreet, retailer Charlotte Russe discussed how they received 10x the ROI of MMS vs. their previous top performing marketing tactic, email
  • Text marketing speaks to all parts of the customer journey/purchase funnel – from awareness, to consideration, to purchase, advocacy, loyalty and re-purchase

Here is Ukropina’s suggest best practices:

    1. Promote your text marketing program as much as possible and as clearly as possible.  Text message marketing ROI increases as one's database grows.  The more one promotes, the more opt-ins the program receives.
    2. Be legally compliant.  Text message marketing is permissions based and highly regulated.  This means that companies cannot send text messages to consumers who have not given explicit permission to be contacted via this method.  Being compliant is easy, it just requires following simple rules.
    3. Be creative.  The best programs out there provide a compelling offer to drive sign ups, and then finds success by creating story arcs or programs that are of interest or value to them.  Be compelling to ensure the best results possible.
    4. Be personal. Asking customers for additional information allows you to customize your offers, driving even higher ROI but better yet, it builds a deeper relationship between you and the customer.  Ask for zip codes, or let them choose what kinds of updates they want to receive from you.  
    5. Be branded, Use multimedia.  Multimedia drives higher engagement than plain old SMS messages.  Multimedia allows companies to showcase their products and their branding quickly and easily, deepening the connection between the brand and the customer.
    6. Be respectful. Put the customer first. Mobile phones are personal devices so send your text messages when they are most likely to resonate with your audience.  Are you a restaurant?  Consider messaging at 4 PM to drive dinner sales.  Never send messages during late night or early morning hours unless you have clearly stated this as part of your program.
    7. Be social!  Your text marketing mobile club members are your super fans.  When you share engaging content, add in share to social links and empower these super fans to share your content across their social feeds.
    8. Drive sales immediately!  If you are selling digital goods, consider layering in 2-click carrier billing to drive immediate sales 

Jack Ukropina, Director of Mogreet Express, a self-service text and multimedia messaging solution. Jack's email is and the website is




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