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As Companies Become More Dispersed, Visual Communication Becomes More Crticial

In the connected world of today where distance has ceased as a hurdle for businesses, staying on the same page is critical for even the smallest business.

In fact, globalization is driving an increasingly dispersed community of workers who work in teams toward common goals, but are often separated by time zones, continents and thousands of miles.

Olin Reams of software maker ConceptDraw believes that with diverse locations, company team members can collaborate to develop products or services more quickly, more affordably and much more efficiently than they could if they were all in one location.

He goes on to say the dispersed placement of employees can allow businesses to become much more agile in responding to customer requests or production-related issues.

Globalization benefits --- including cost savings, operational efficiencies and more --- are clear; however, there are many challenges business leaders face when struggling to keep everyone on the same page.

For example, with more and more companies and individuals now collaborating around the globe, large teams are often working outside their native language.

Next generation visual communication tools are the next logical step for global businesses to evolve their communications media and take collaboration to the next level. Technology solutions, such as mind maps, diagrams and dashboards, are highly advanced, resilient, dependable business tools that offer a sophisticated, interactive, real-time experience.

As a technology solution that immediately accelerates collaboration and performance, visual communications transforms the workplace to enable sophisticated and engaging decision-making, interaction and communication among team members.

With mind map technology, for example, staff can describe visual instructions on any process. The visual form of mind maps is helpful in all stages of quality management, from describing problem to describing and documenting a decision. Printed on a single page, mind maps can be easy to help participants identify the critical points during a conference call. And as a note-taking tool, they lend themselves to reorganizing the notes taken during a planning conversation to the corresponding spot in the structure of a template.

Mind maps also are great for producing agendas in order to keep everyone involved informed on core points and objectives. Viewing the mind map on a large screen during a meeting and making changes and putting notes helps to keep all participants on the same page. Additionally, final decisions, deals, and to-do lists can be added to a mind map so that the map content can be sent or printed for everyone, so that the whole team has a ready-to-work document.

Reams believes with more and more people in today’s business world working in scattered teams, it’s critical for companies to take advantage of cutting-edge visual communications tools in order to keep a competitive edge.

By utilizing the latest in visual communications technology, business leaders can easily integrate efficient practices within their company, while at the same time clarify concepts that would otherwise get lost in translation.

Olin Reams is a senior executive with the graphics and vector diagramming software  maker ConceptDraw.

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